Experience and qualifications ( Drivers only )

Languages spoken

Work experience

Please provide the following information concerning your last employer.
Note: All candidates must undergo a narcotics test.
By sendind this form, It is agreed and understood that if I make a false or erroneous statement in applying for employement, or if I have neglected to provide the information requested on this form, I will be liable to immediate dismissal upon the discovery of any false declaration or omission, in compliance with bond requirements, internal regulations, labour agreements, as well as company policies and procedures. It is agreed and understood that the Company and its agents may investigate my biographical data in order to verify my record of service and to ensure that all statements made by me are true and accurate. I agree to provide additional information or documents, or both, to complete this form and to undergo a medical examination by a physician chosen or designated by the Company. I hereby authorize the Company to obtain from my past employers any information concerning me in files that they have put together, as well as from any other persons whom the Company may need to contact. It is agreed that if hired, I will be subject to a probationary period during which time I could be released without any recourse. This is to certify that this job application has been completed by me and that all the particulars and information in it are true, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

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